Improve Marketing ROI

Cassandra uses AI & Marketing Mix Modeling to predict what to spend on each channel to maximize your ROI.


The Marketing Investment Distribution Problem

How you distribute marketing investments in your strategy positively or negatively influences your economic growth.

Discover a scientific method to do it.

A New Method to Allocate Marketing Investments


Cassandra uses machine learning & marketing mix modeling techniques to guide you in your budget allocation decisions by predicting ROI of different scenarios. 


It analyzes historical data and its correlation with dozens of variables to define the optimal budget allocation in order to maximize ROI.


Cassandra learns from Raw Data such as:

Progetto senza titolo (21)

Order history


Spend, impressions and clicks by Campaign Type


Email Marketing
Email list, contacts and customers


Traffic and products prices


Google Trends
Industry keywords trends


Covid Data
Daily cases and movement data


Other Variables
Currency change, oil price change etc…


Manipulates, transforms and …

The Marketing Mix Algorithms behind Cassandra

Cassandra is always improving as it sees new data

We leverage a mix of algorithms to give the most accurate predictions and budget allocations including:

  • Neural Network
  • Facebook Robyn
  • Custom Statistical Algorithms

Cassandra helps you answer these questions

Not sure what is the right investment for a channel?

Every advertising channel has a saturation point that, if exceeded, lowers your investment’s ROI.

Cassandra shows you exactly this point and allows you to avoid it, suggesting the optimal spending volume for each channel.

What impact do investments in TV, Radio and Influencers have on your strategy?

Cassandra can measure the impact of channels that are not directly measurable by showing you the ROI of each one of them such as:

New product launches

PR campaigns


SEO activities

Offline marketing

Data Ownership

A scientific decision is only made when supported by data.

Getting clean data, in a cookie-less world is getting harder and harder. 

With Cassandra get control of all your data and obtain a report on your business updated daily with KPIs such as:



Cohort analysis

Last Click Attribution

Budget distribution suggestions

Funnel opportunities

How difficult is it to implement this solution within my team?

Cassandra was designed for marketing teams managing over 10k$/month in advertising investments.

You don’t need to be a techie to implement it.
Onboarding, setup, optimization will be done by the Cassandra team. 

Cassandra has helped our marketers to achieve results such as

Mens' wallets eCommerce

29% increase in Profit in Q4 over Q3


From 1,000 € to 15,000 € monthly profit in 3 months

Bialetti perù

56% increase in Revenue 78% increase in Profit

About us

About us

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