A better ROI for your marketing investments

We tell you how much and where to spend your advertising budget to maximize ROI


You don't know where your sales
come from!

You spend $50K/month

Attributions are broken, and you don’t know how to allocate your marketing investments.

We solved the attribution problem with Cassandra, the AI-powered marketing mix modeling for high growth companies

Automate the advertising budget distribution

Media Planning has never been this easy.

Cassandra tells you, every 2 weeks,  how much to invest on each campaign to maximize your ROI.

Every suggestion shows the prediction of how many more conversion will bring to your business

Unlock Offline and Digital Attribution

Forget about the non-precise Google Analytics attributions. 

Thanks to Cassandra’s cookie-less technology, we can tell you how many sales came from each campaign and measure your past investment ROI. 

It can even tell you how many sales come from Offline Advertising!

How does it work?

1. Collect data

Data collection through a data checklist

2. AI Model Creation

In 2 weeks you are going to receive your tailor made AI model

3. Make the AI learn over time

We sync your AI model with your data and we make it re-train every 2 weeks

4. Budget allocator

Every 2 weeks we help you design incremental experiments and optimize your ROI

5. Full time support

We offer full time support to generate incremental impacts off of this tool

Case Study: +13% in conversions with the same budget invested

Find out how, in 1 one month and one week, just modifying the budget distribution we’ve been able to obtain:

  • +13.36% in the number of transactions
  • +42.21% in profit
  • +22% in ROAS
  • -7% CAC (thanks to an additional Geo-lift experiment)

About Us


Gabriele Franco

  • Taught more than 2,000 students world wide about Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Contributed to invest more than 12 million dollars in Advertising during 2021 as a Marketing Scientist
  • Helped multiple startups achieve 10x growth thanks to rapid data driven marketing


Cristian Nozzi

  • Author of the first video course about advanced Marketing Mix Modeling using Facebook Robyn
  • Helped multiple marketing agencies solve Marketing Data Silos problem via ETL Data Pipelines
  • Contributed on the development of a political research app for one of the world’s most important Universities

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