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measure incrementality

Cassandra is the perfect tool for Marketing Agencies to gain insight to maximize ROI for their clients.


Cassandra relies only on daily aggregated data that will never be restricted.

Unlocks insights

Cassandra can measures how many incremental sales your branding campaigns are driving


Cassandra measures incrementality in terms of lift over paid advertising and organic demand.

Cassandra shows you exactly how to optimize ROI

Cassandra simplifies how Marketing Agencies optimize their clients Marketing ROI.

Get an accurate picture of your marketing ROI

Connect to you marketing sources and centralize your data in one place to unlock insights 

Identify marketing budget waste and scale opportunities

Discover how many INCREMENTAL CONVERSIONS every specific campaign is generating through Incrementality experiments. 

Stop campaigns that are wasting you money, increase your investments only in scale opportunities

Save time and money by eliminating guesswork from your attributions process

Measure the real impact of your marketing activities through an experiment driven approach. 

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Case Study: +13% in conversions with the same budget invested

Find out how, in 1 one month and one week, just modifying the budget distribution we’ve been able to obtain:

  • +13.36% in the number of transactions
  • +42.21% in profit
  • +22% in ROAS
  • -7% CAC (thanks to an additional Geo-lift experiment)
  • +280% ROI on Cassandra Investment

The Partners that have chosen Cassandra

The only way to eliminate human bias in attribution marketing is by removing our possibility to corrupt the model. Cassandra enables you to have a second brain immune to internal politics that tells you honestly what’s working (or what’s not).

Michael Taylor

Founder @ Vexpower & Ladder.io

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