Free Marketing Mix Modeling Software: An Introduction to Cassandra

Intro Welcome technical Marketer. If you are searching for a solution that can help you optimize marketing investments through a simple-to-use MMM tool, you are in the right place. The product we are presenting to you aims at eliminating marketing budget weights and optimizing your media location, making the process of MMM much easier and […]

Reducing CPA by 30% with

How to optimize CPO by identifying marketing budget waste is one of the biggest sellers in the shipping industry in Italy.  It had an Omni channel strategy with 10 different campaign types.  THE PROBLEM: They wanted to increase their investments in the right channels to grow more rapidly but they couldn’t see which campaigns were […]

Incrementality Testing on Meta ads: an eCommerce success story


Once Upon a time… A B2C eCommerce that invested 3000€/month in Meta Ads, had the doubt that Meta was attributing more transactions to itself than it actually generated.  In fact, Meta said that it was able to generate customers at an average cost of € 0.54.  This information was almost too good to be true.  […]

MMM Case Study: +13% in conversions with the same budget invested

The Question: If I have 14 Campaign Types in my Marketing Mix how much should I spend on each channel to maximize my return? The Brand: The company sells shipping for eCommerce businesses. It basically allows the eCommerce business to buy cheap shippings that deliver a better service for the end client compared to the […]

How to use MMM to increase your Marketing ROI

Why am I writing this post? I’m Gabriele Franco, the founder of Hybrida Marketing, a growth marketing agency that last year alone managed 12 million dollars of advertising spent for their clients In order to optimize our work, we developed an internal technology that is now called Cassandra. Marketing is changing I’ve been working in […]

How to Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) with EXCEL — Intro

This article will help you understand what Marketing Mix Modeling is and how it can help your Business Grow. Thanks to Mike Taylor for his post on Econometrics in GSheets, the inspiration for our template If you prefer watching instead of reading, I’ve created a free Masterclass on Youtube: >>Click Here to Access<< What is Marketing […]

Marketing Mix Modeling for Marketers

Hi, this is Gabe, Founder @ Cassandra AI. In this article you will have an introduction on Marketing Mix Modeling and how it can be helpful to you in order to create a data driven culture in your marketing unit. If you are a marketer, you have probably asked yourself at least one of these […]